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What does the Processing order status mean?

Processing is the normal status of an order before it ships. This means that your order has been placed and your payment successfully authorised (although your money is still in your account). Your order may stay at this stage for some time especially if one or more of your items had to be made for you. Once we capture the payment from either PayPal or SagePay your order status should change to Complete. If your money has left your account and your order is still processing for more than a few hours please contact us so we can investigate.

What does the Pending Payment / Pending Sage Pay mean order status mean?

Your order will normally only say Pending Payment or Pending Sage Pay between the steps of clicking place order and confirming your payment through either PayPal or Sage Pay. If this confirmation is delayed for some reason it may time out (this is a PayPal and SagePay security feature). If this happens it means your payment has not been authorised and you will need to place your order again.