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Tableware Care Guide

Cleaning your china
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Always clean your china as soon as possible after use. Where possible avoid leaving food on the china for any significant length of time.

When washing your China please use a soft cloth and a non-acidic washing liquid; avoid using an abrasive sponge as this may damage the surface decoration.

In the eventually your product becomes marked, we recommend using cleansers specifically for the removal of metal marks from ceramic products e.g., Barkeeps Friend.

Dishwasher Guidance
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All Royal Crown Derby dinnerware is dishwasher safe, however if your product contains precious metals such as Gold or Platinum, we recommend hand wash only.

Please make sure that you use a low-temperature wash and do not exceed the recommended amount of detergent. If you are not washing your dishes straight after use, we recommend that you rinse them off with hot water.

Take care when loading your dishwasher. Load all items securely in the dishwasher to ensure they can’t be dislodged with water action.

Microwave Guidance
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All tableware patterns containing precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum) should never be put in the microwave. All other tableware is microwave safe. Please check the individual product page for further information.

Oven Guidance
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Avoid placing your items in the oven.

Freezer Guidance
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Avoid placing your items in the freezer.

Storage Guidance
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Please store your collection in a cool, dry place. If your tableware is decorated in the centre, we recommend that you place a soft cloth or plate dividers between the items to avoid potential surface damage.

Thermal Shock
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Do not expose any items to a naked flame or rapid changes in temperature. For example, never take a dish out of the refrigerator and put it directly into a hot environment. This can cause ceramic materials to crack.

Home Décor Care Guide

Handling Guidance
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Handle all items with care.

Do not expose any items to a naked flame or rapid changes in temperature as this can cause the item to crack.

Cleaning Guidance
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Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Ensure that you do not use any abrasive surfaces when cleaning your items as this could damage the surface pattern. Please refrain from using any polishes or cleansers which may affect precious metals.

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