Care Guide

Care Guide

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You would be easily forgiven for believing fine bone china should be treated with the most delicate of touches, and of course, it should, however, you should take it from us that fine bone china is actually one of the most durable materials to be used for tableware - it isn't as fragile as you may think!

Read on to find out how to care for your fine bone china.



  Fine bone china must not be subject to extreme changes in temperature or exposed to a naked flame.
  Plates and serving dishes can be warmed before use in an oven or hostess trolley at a temperature of no more than 100 degreescentigrade.
  Items with a gold or platinum trim must not be used in a microwave.
  Fine bone china should not be used for cooking purposes.
  Fine china is suitable for use both in the freezer and oven. 



  Fine bone china is suitable for washing in a dishwasher - at a maximum temperature of 65 degrees centigrade.
  When washing by hand, avoid  scouring pads and abrasive washing detergents which could remove the pattern.
  Most stains or hardened-on particles can be removed by soaking the item in warm water before washing.
  Really stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in a mild bleach solution for up to one hour. 



  When storing or stacking plates, try not to slide them over one another, as this may cause scratches in the glaze.
We recommend that a paper napkin is placed between each plate.
 Cups should be stored or hung from a cup hook, not stacked, as this weakens the handles.
 In hard water areas, deposits may form on your tableware in time if the water is allowed to dry on the ware. These soluble deposits can easily be removed with a dilute acid such as vinegar.