To all those garden bird enthusiasts, we’ve got something to offer you all!

Did anyone watch the BBC’s live programme, Springwatch? It’s a fascinating insight into all things that live in the wild with a particular-interest in what goes on in the garden and the surrounding areas! 

We have many Collectors of our garden birds’ collection with currently over thirty-five birds in the general range from the common garden birds – Garden Blue Tit, Great Tit, Goldfinch to birds of prey such as the Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon and a smaller range of limited-edition birds for those avid collectors.

 Garden Nuthatch - Royal Crown derby

The most recent of British birds to be launched last month was the ‘plump’ Garden Nuthatch.  Protected by The Wildlife and Countryside Act in 1981, the Nuthatch can be seen in urban and suburban wooded areas, seldom travelling far from where they hatch.  Favouring mature woodland or parkland with trees for foraging opportunities, it’s an intriguing bird as it descends headfirst down a tree trunk to feed on insects, seeds and nuts.


Garden Nuthatch - Royal Crown derby


The Royal Crown Derby Garden Nuthatch has a decoration of striking shades of a blue upperpart heavily embellished in 22ct gold from its tail to the crown, covering its wings and complementing a gold beak with chestnut flecks illustrated as part of the design under his belly, sides and under its tail.

A colourful and beautiful-looking bird to include in any bird enthusiasts’ collection. Find out more about the Garden Nuthatch here

BBC Springwatch can be viewed online by clicking through to BBC iPlayer here

Posted by Fiona Atkinson on 27/06/2018 09:27