Royal Crown Derby Sponsor Obsession 2022

In January 2022, Royal Crown Derby proudly sponsored the Obsession gastronomic event at the Northcote Hotel in the heart of Lancashire.

The world leading event honours the very best in the industry, and this year eighteen globally renowned chefs with eighteen Michelin stars cooked and served exquisite food.

Showcasing Royal Crown Derby’s bespoke talent, the team designed and crafted the Obsession service. From start to finish, every element of the process is carried out in-house, facilitating the creation of truly unique commissions. Following the event, the plates were signed and auctioned for the Hospitality Action charity, raising in excess of £2,300.

Lisa Goodwin-Allen at Northcote

[Featured above: Lisa Goodwin-Allen with the Royal Crown Derby Obsession bespoke]


Royal Crown Derby Group Sales Director, Adrian Botterell explained “We were delighted to sponsor the Obsession 22 event. It was fantastic to see the remarkable dishes served on Royal Crown Derby. The hospitality industry has suffered dramatically due to the pandemic; it has therefore been more important than ever to celebrate and support the culinary talent across the world.”


View some of the exquisite dishes served on Royal Crown Derby:

Atul Kochhar

 [Featured Above: Royal Crown Derby Art Glaze Flamed Caramel. Chef - Atul Kochhar]


Galton Blackiston

[Featured Above: Royal Crown Derby Rebel. Chef - Galton Blackiston]


Kenny Atkinson

[Featured Above: Royal Crown Derby Art Glaze Clouded Smoke. Chef - Kenny Atkinson]



Posted by Royal Crown Derby on 01/02/2022 12:48