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    True Vine Papal Cross - Special Edition - Ltd Availability

    Regular Price: £265.00

    Special Price: £100.00


    Initally issued as a special edition with a numbered certificate, in honour of the Papal visit to the UK in September 2010. Designer June Branscombe has designed this magical new piece in a pallet of rich gold and cream. A subtly raised paste design graces the simple elegant form of this pure white Royal Crown Derby china cross. The decoration is a visual interpretation of the crucifixion as found in The King James Bible, specifically the Gospels of St. John (Chapter 15), and St. Luke (Chapter 24) and includes references to the events of the time - palm leaves, the Crown of Thorn and the three nails.
    Height 7 3/4 ins (20cm)
    • Launch Date: August 2010
    • Product Category: Home Accessories
    • Designer: June Branscombe
    • Modeller: Peter Allen