Royal Crown Derby Logo

A Royal History

  1. Porcelain

    Porcelain was first produced in Derby around 1748 and the quality of the early piece soon gained the recognition of Royalty. In 1755 King George III honoured the company by granting the use of the crown in the backstamp, it has been in use ever since.

    The King George III coronation beaker was the first commemorative piece produced by Royal Crown Derby in 1761. The only remaining example can be seen in the Royal Crown Derby museum.

  2. Albert Book

    Royal Crown Derby artist John Haslam painted these exquisite portraits, of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert on to porcelain, which are on display in the Royal Crown Derby museum.

  3. Warrant

    The ‘Royal’ was introduced into the company name in 1890 when Queen Victoria granted the company the Royal Warrant and the use of the title ‘Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company’. The framed warrant can be seen at the Royal Crown Derby Museum.

  4. Victoria

    Royal Crown Derby’s next commemorative pieces appeared in 1897 when Queen Victoria celebrated 60 years on the throne. Items produced included a loving cup, plates and a beaker, all decorated with monochrome printed portraits. It was Queen Victoria who granted the Company the use of the Royal title in 1890.